See what happens when you think you know it all? See what happens when you start joking about spending a night at Cheesetown Towers, emptying the gin bottle and belting out classic rock ballads?
See what happens when your blog is open to comments?
Just when you're in the mood for a great big wallow in self pity  someone, maybe someone called lx, points out that there's a different version of the tune.

Eh? Yes.  It seems that our repressed schoolteacher, Bonnie Tyler, has had another life as a lesbian dog trainer.
Yes you read that right.  Although since she is apparently a french speaking lesbian dog trainer something might have got lost in the translation so to speak.

What do we think?

Here's Bonnie as we know her, along with her school chums and assorted pet doves in the middle of a power cut. "Once upon a time she had love in her heart, now she's only falling apart....."

 Here's Bonnie rescuing lone hitchhikers and bringing them back to her doggie ranch....I have no idea what they're singing what with it being in French and all

I'm going to canvass opinions here.