Stuff it.
I've had enough.
I have had enough of setting records for the longest running string of bad luck recorded on an English language blog.
(New readers please note,  there's  been three deaths, one redundancy and one heart attack within the past 18 months.)
And I'm telling you, something has to be done about this.

I've decided it's the Feng Shui. 

 Not the most obvious conclusion I know, but bear with me. I have read widely on this and stiffed shui  would explain it all.  You don't believe me, I suggest you check out some links.

Apparently your  environment needs to be arranged so that the laws of heaven and earth supply you with a positive life force.  That's all.  You just balance  the yin and the yang - the two principles of the universe no less.
You do all this, and luck follows.

Previously I would have dismissed this as just so much guff.  I might have learned my lesson now though.
Not having aligned my yin or yang lately, would explain why luck hasn't followed.   Indeed some further research has shown that not content with merely failing to attract positive flows, I have found a home which is actively repulsing them. I have, for example, read and considered the following.

*Living near a graveyard means blocked chi. I live opposite a graveyard
*A straight road leading to your door invites evil energy.  I live at the top of a straight road.
*Bathrooms have a bad energy.  I have a bathroom!

From my readings to date it seems that  Cheesetown could be the Cherobyl of all Chi. No wonder things have been going wrong hey?

Something needs to be done. In my previous existence I happily ignored the laws of Feng Shui as so much mystic guff.  Now I'm ready to give anything a go.

What thinks you? I like these voting thingummies.  Have a vote and pass on advice why don't you!