I have to call in at the recruitment consultant before heading off to my interview. Recruitment consultant will prepare me for my interview, and check my passport - presumably to make sure that I'm not actually an extremely clever MIGRANT who has disguised herself with a Scottish name, pale skin colour and strong west coast accent. Though it strikes me that if I've got this far, I might have been able to forge the paperwork too....
Anyhoots. I digress.

On the phone last night, the recruitment consultant has already explained that this Esteemed Financial Services Institution is looking for people who can give 150%. I have refrained form pointing out that they'll be lucky to get 50% from me, seeing's how I'm planning on going home evenings and weekends. But then, since my best is about 300% better than anyone else, this probably averages out OK.

RC: Now Macy, are there any parts of the interview you think you might have a problem with? Any questions you would have difficulty in answering?
Macy: No -o-o-o not really. The only question they could ask me, where I might wonder how best to phrase the answer would be that old chestnut about what I've been doing in the past year. Do they know at all?
RC: No, no they don't. What do you usually say?
Macy: Well I usually just come straight out and say W died. Because, erm, he did. Sometimes people become a bit flustered; other times they just ignore it..
RC: Mmm.. maybe better to not mention it at this stage.
Macy: I could, but then I think any employer is going to have to know some background, just because it does affect my current ability to work 150% for 24 hours a day.
RC: I think I might phone and mention it first then.

To Be Continued.