Sparkle is much more in tune with her spiritual side, having been through some mills in her time herself.
Whilst I had only a very strong feeling of my dad's presence at one point after he died, Sparkle actually saw hers.

So I was interested to hear from her last week,

Sparkle "You know I dreamed about W last night..."
Macy "Really?"
Sparkle "Yes, he was actually driving a Winnebago! But it was so vivid. The Winnebago was huge, and he invited me in, while he went into the toilet...I could hear him in there and everything, that's how VIVID the dream was"
Macy "And how was he? Was he better..?"
Sparkle "Oh yes, he was right back to how he was before he got ill. He had his hair back, and everything..."
Macy "Oh that's good!"
Sparkle, "But you know Macy, it was just a dream, it wasn't a vision like last time..."

Macy "Oh I know, I know..... it's just I still worry about him. If he's alright.. and everything...."