Memo to Macy
From Sensible Self

Before the interview remember:-
1. Do NOT under any circumstances attempt to trim your own fringe. It is NEVER a good idea. Why exactly did you think it would be different this time?

2. Do not assume that interview suit, last worn February 2008, will still fit. Not if you lived on Haribo gums whilst giving up smoking it won't.

3. Shoes. Remember the too-tight suit needs matched with SHOES, not your usual wellies or trainers. (The following are also hopeless: cute blue silk pumps, Uggs, black sandals, green eco shoes, vertiginous spike heels, moccasins, flip flops, everything in patent leather, brown sandals, walking boots, furry slippers, striped ballerina slippers..chiz)

Never mind princess, if all else fails, remember you are not yet being interviewed as style editor for Grazia.