I know, I know, I know, I've been slow, and there you are wanting ANSWERS.  What can I say?

Er, well, the answers?   Here goes.. (new readers better start here)

Question 1.  
Question 1
Correct answer = B Not Accrington
Although the world agreed that I wasn't going to Accrington (why?? what does everyone know about Accrington that I don't??), 28% of you fell into the trap of thinking it must be Helmithdale.

Tsk. As if I'd be that obvious.

I was going to another wee suburb of Manchester, that was not Accrington.

Question 2. 
Question 2

Correct answer = C An inexplicable interest in fell running -
*sorry there was a typo.  This should have read an inexplicable interest in a fell runner
Tricky one this. And, I know,  if I'd typed "fell runner" in the first place, all might have been clearer.

No. I didn't have plans.  I had hopes. That's different
No I didn't have a great singing voice, or at least not till the drive home.
And yes, Miss Pat "Marples", did suss I was having a blog meet with Mr Musgrove, but Mr Musgrove, lovely, and northern and all as he is, doesn't do fell running.
And yes I know that was tricksy.  But I don't care because, see Q3

Question 3. 
Question 3

Correct answer = D Keep up this cryptic schtick for some time yet
Yes answer D is the only answer possible, because IF I TALK ABOUT THIS MUCH I WILL JINX IT
And it is currently much too much fun to jinx.  Which is why the answer to question 4 is...

Question 4. 
Question 4
Correct answer = No photos
Aw c'mon.  This was a gift!  A gift! When do I ever post photos on this blog??? And with this fringe???
So congratulations to those who chose no photos/ normal service.
And shame on you, those who wished tears before bedtime on me.

And, erm, sorry, but there are no refunds given on these quizes ever.