Wait...it's all quiet again.

Uh huh.. We've survived had another New Year.  And if Saturday Night has to be the busiest bestest party night of the week, then NEW YEAR has to be the busiest bestest Saturday of the year.  And Scotland?  Well Scotland invented New Year!  So if you're around the CAPITAL of Scotland there will be pipers, and fireworks, and parties and auld lang syne.  And that's before anyone makes you eat Black Bun or cries on your shoulder, or swears undying love...

So let's enjoy the peace this morning.  It's 2013.  I know, I know, I know, it sounds like the kid nobody wanted - that 13 is unfortunate and all.  But hey. It's a New Year, and a lovely sunny clear day after weeks of rain and storms.  It's a lovely, shiny, new start. 

And here's to a lovely, shiny year to us all.