Dear Wishes Fairy
How are you? Long time hey?...I'll cut to the chase. I've been having this problem with keeping my blog up to date. It's not just a sloth thing, it's a things changing so fast lately thing. Look one minute I'm in London, stumbling on the Avengers European Premiere by accident. That was me in Westfield shopping centre, hanging around to see  a tiny wee redhead (SCARLETT JOHANSSON) on a red carpet, and noticing that other people five feet away in Nandos were more interested in finishing their chicken dinners than looking up to watch out for Robert Downey Junior. And then before I can blog about all this... the Aged Mother is scheduled to have her leg amputated.

Can you see the problem here?

A wee dissonance in tone, non?

I can't blog in arrears... I need to be able to blog in real time.... And, look here's where you come in. I need an iPad. With an iPad /I can blog real time, I can take photos and post immediately.  Hey, I could also take it into hospital and entertain the Aged Parent. Because they don't have tv's in the cardiovascular ward, and frankly my small talk is expiring fast.

What do you think? 

Or what about you just give me magic powers for the day and I turn back time or something?



PS I've been good.

Dear Macy
Thank you for your interest in the work of the Wishes Fairy. Unfortunately under the terms of her current Service Level Agreement the Wishes Fairy caters for small girls aged 7 and under and wishes are limited to non-material goods.

Failing as you do to meet these criteria, you may find it helpful to refer to a religious body in a form of prayer more suitable to your age. 

With best wishes for the future

The Bureaucratic Fairy.