I have no idea if Glasgow's Western Infirmary was built next to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery through accident or some strange Victorian high minded design for All Round Improvement.
But it is.  The hospital where my mother has been laid up in cardiovascular surgery is bang next to the Kelvingrove. She's on level 9 of the Western, and you can look our over the turrets towards the park and the university in one direction, the river and the science museum in the other.
Bang tidy as the Cherub would say.

And five years or so ago, one of my favourite pictures was returned to the Kelvingrove.
The first time I saw Dali's Christ on The Cross According to St James, I would have been about twelve. I can't remember why I was walking around on my own, but I do remember seeing this picture at the end of along corridor and getting it.

You're looking down at Christ, you're in God's place - maybe this is a religious picture that says there's no god? Earth and the fishing boats looks better than that dark lonely heaven; except that there is a heaven, because there is this wonderful Christ figure. And there is a deep peace coming through the dark.
Hey I got it so much, I even remembered the name of this picture even though at the time I had no idea who St James was, or why he had anything to say about Christ.

With an hour to kill before visiting time last week, I went to revisit the picture.

Turns out I'm not the only one to love this picture. Christ on the Cross etc is no longer at the end of his long lonely corridor. He's now part of a popular display.  Ensconced in a small cubicle, with a bench for onlookers, and a video explaining the wonder of the picture and its history. Including the time it was attacked by a local Glaswegian. There's longer explanations on the walls of the restoration process, and Dali's inspiration. And crowds.  There's a queue to get in and sit and look.

And somewhere along the line, the peace has been lost.
Buy postcard of it, go see mother, don't tell her you've been looking at religious pictures in case..