You see getting online again is like the first day back at school! Just catching up with all the old faces you haven't seen for ages!
I'm doing the rounds, and catching up on the gossip - and then it's .. well it's bad news. The best science teacher ever isn't coming back.

Kaz is gone.

And I'm really upset about this.
Kaz was one of the first blogs I ever read - way back, way way back in 2005, before I even had a gmail account, never mind a blogger account, I used to check her blog daily.
Because she was funny
And she had attitude
She was brilliant.
She was a superstar.

And she died last month. Her blog was updated yesterday with the news. And all day long I've been thinking of her. Because that's what really great bloggers can do. They entertain, and inform, and eventually, they touch you.

And no. There's no punchline when a friend dies.
Unless of course her spam friend chooses to comment here. We might run to black irony today....