They say it's better to give than to receive. I'm not sure of that, seeing's as how already this morning I have received

1. From Ned A walk in clear fresh air through glistening snow in the back woods. (He's a working dog, but seems to earn very little over and above a bowl of Bakers Complete once a day...)

2. From Old Mac, an invitation to the Social Club for drinks later, (on any day apart from Christmas this would be a Worry..)

3. From the Cherub a Present that Cannot be Disclosed, but meant he not only had to navigate a Shop that sells Girly Stuff but also had to Gift Wrap on his own...

4. From the neighbours at No 3 an invite for G&T later (they got my number...)

So as an experiment, here, thanks to the Wonder that is Online Shopping in Virtual Reality comes my Christmas Gifts. Chosen for all those whose blogs and comments I've been enjoying for the past year.

Mr Musgrove - A Christmas Jumper! (Sorry Kev...The Book of Cynicism was sold out...) Yes, yes, yes, I kept the receipt

Roses - THIS Ivy Plant will never die!! See the advantages of virtual reality???

Clyde - Remember those jeans you used to wear in your background picture??? I'm assuming the new dark background means that the old jeans needed replacing....

Rog - Because the Cucumber Bowls last year were a Triumph...

Barb - The Einstein Time Experiment is continuing even as I type....

MmE DeFarge - I know it's been a tough year.. and I k now you are currently out with real huskies, but look, when you get back, have a virtual husky pup from me.

Will the Cute Never End??

Vegetable Assassin - How tough are you to choose presents for??? Mind you since you still seem to have the MOUSE problem...

Nick - AHA! See! You are not so difficult to find pressies for!

Scarlet - Your blogging this year has been woeful. However your past glories live on... I thought you might have use for these guys down south (so to speak..)

And KAZ! I KNOW you're out there. As if I could forget (seeing's how I'm pinching majorly from your blog...) So I'm sending you the best Christmas present anyone could ever want.

I hear his bedside manner is second to none.

And then there's Charlie!, Mapstew, Pat, Pearl, Libby, Malc, Kurt.... all of you guys. I'm sorry I'm running out of time here. What can I do except share my favourite advert of all time.

Check out The BRIDGE (look out for me waving)... follow through to GLASGOW via the Falkirk Bridge and Eileen Donan!

Merry Christmas