How's the Cherub (Part 2)

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The Cherub's been fine.
Yep, it took us all by surprise too. What with him being so close to his dad and all.
But, give or take the odd teary moment watching a sad film. Fine.
No really. FINE. Nothing to talk about. No Need.

Too fine. I thought.

And I was right. Because the results from his prelims are just starting to trickle in - and they are looking BAD.
Not "need to try harder this Summer" bad
Not "well at least it's a pass" bad.
Not even a "what the hell happened?" bad
No, for the first time in his life, my child has turned in an earth shattering, phenomenal, unbelievable "What? You're kidding? Is that some kind of school record? BAD.

As one of his teachers said (and why is always the older teachers who seem to notice these things?), "it's as if the jet lag's worn off lately".

This HAS to be kept secret....

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OK, I'm going to SHARE something...
But it's a SECRET OK?
If this gets out ... well if anyone ever hears about it...
Blogging Community: Oh you can tell us!
No seriously.. it's embarrassing.
BC Yay!... erm no oh , I meant you can tell us....
If anyone at work hears it... I'm DEAD
BC. {Deep sympathetic} Oohhhh
And in these times, God I shouldn't even be talking about it , never mind blogging it.
Deep silence
Deepening silence from Blogging Community , who, are already remembering STUFF they have to do...
OK, look I'm sorry about this... but...
Patience of Blogging Community appears to wearing thin..

I really like my job. I'm really enjoying what I do. No really, for the first time in umpteen thumpy years, I'm not getting depressed on Sunday nights... I'm not dreading Mondays... See me, I'm all fired up about the projects in hand, the budgets, the stocktakes, the Bank Review Panel. I like my team of fellow weirdos. I like the policy wonks on the third floor, the ego driven marketing team, and the "who knows what the hell they do" admin team next door.
Check out the seminars and conferences!
International Financial Reporting Standards for SME
IFRS for SMEs Hwo to convert from UK GAAP
Cross Border Charity Regulation in Scotland
And next week I get to go on the Tax Update course!

I know.. I know.. I know you're thinking WTF? HOW did this happen??

BC Got that right Macy!

Yeah, yeah, the pay's realtively shit, and the vendetta beetween me and the Head of IT is shaping up nicely. But see, when you've had crap jobs for the past 20 years, when you've been through the Work-65-hour-weeks-or-we'll-say-you're-crap culture of Big American Banks. My god, some kind of record seems necessary.

Even if I've now jinxed it, by saying it.

BC D'ye think it's the Karma?

Wouldn't it be nice to think so?

Ground Rules Would Be Nice

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Macy: Ned?.. Ned??? Oh for god's sake! DOWN!!! Off The Sofa Now!!

Ned sighs deeply, and executes slow and theatrical climb off sofa...

Macy: Right. We need a WORD.

Ned: Walkies? Walkies would be a good word...

Macy: No. A word about habits.

Ned: Eh?

Macy: Yeah HABITS. I mean, god knows, I'm easy going enough, I've got used to the pawprints through the house, the drinking out the toilet and the War on Postmen.

Ned: Goes with the turf blue eyes.

Macy: But will you quit with the pawprints on the furniture too? And the curtains? How the hell does anyone get pawprints on the curtains?

Ned: Warned you about the postman sweetcakes!

Macy: And the pigs ears under the pillow in the spare bed?

Ned: Small stuff toots. You're sweating the small stuff.

Macy: And the lab up the road? Can we just for once, just once, for god's sake, meet the blonde lab up the road without you shagging her?

Ned: Ahhh Cassie...

Macy: And can we agree, can we try and agree that when we're down by the pond and I start yelling and howling at you, that you stop eating the decomposing rodent?

Ned ...

Macy: Me screaming is not a sign for you to gulp the last bit of its haunches down your throat.

Ned ....

Macy: Because you know what's going to happen. You're only going to barf it all up again back home.

Ned: Chill dollface.. I'll lick that lot up later.

Macy in New Post Alert

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I know. I know. I'm imagining the headlines now.

Constant Blogger's Silent Shame
Macy enters third week of silence.

Drama Queen Macy refuses to comment on accusations she has abandoned blogging community.

Macy Who?
Blogging Community Ostracises Silent Macy

Stay tuned though.. here comes the horoscope

If Claire Petulengro is WRONG I'm going to be deeply upset.

Welcome to the car crash...

I have a complicated bereavement. I was only reconciled with my ex, W, months before he died of cancer. Luckily (for him) I was made redundant and able to care for him while he died here at home - October 20th.
Currently getting through it with our son, aka the Cherub, dog Ned, and friends here in CHEESETOWN.

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Who Needs a Booker Prize?
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