And proving once again, that Edinburgh really is the centre of the universe, (or a town full of hicks desperately needing to outdo Glasgow. I can do both sides of that argument), tomorrow we have none other than the Pope amongst us.
The Pope!
The Pope???
Yep the POPE.
(Stick that Glasgow....)

Yeah we've got the Pope most of the day. The Man is going to arrive at Edinburgh International Airport (... get'd think we'd more than one runway or something..). He's then going to drive through the centre of Edinburgh - a feat no ordinary local can manage in these days of tramworks let me tell you. Then he'll meet the Queen before driving off for a cup of tea with a couple of, (presumably forewarned) bishops over in Morningside.

And thousands of the faithful will be flocking to line his route.
And every catholic school in the Central Scotland has been given the day off to go see and wave flags..
And hundreds of vociferous protesters will be making some major points about Child Abuse, and Women Priests and Aids in Africa..
And since it's St Ninian's day there will be Parades and Bands and, oh I don't know confetti and free Irn Bru or whatever.

And it's great... fine.. I mean I'm no pal of John Knox either you know... it's just they've forgotten to let me know how the hell I'm meant to get to work when every main road between Cheesetown and the Institute is going to be closed or packed with the faithful....