There I was, this morning, stuck in the car and trying to blank out the soundbite from David Cameron. As you do if you remember how popular single mothers were with the tories last time around.

{Oh yes Dave, I've noticed your intention to pay people to be married.
And don't think I'm not taking it personally.}

But I digress. His Hon Cameron made the astounding claim (this morning 7:45 on radio 2 if you want to check) that

"The voters are literally still swinging today".

Erm literally Dave??? Like not metaphorically undecided, but literally swinging??

That's right, according to the leader of the opposition, voters near me are currently tied by their ankles and swinging like pendulums, stuck on swings in playgrounds, or (hivvens!!!) swinging with other swingers

Could be the Tories just lost the pedant vote.