Because it's good to have PLANS.

Not that I've always been good at them mind you; big changes yes. In past lives I've been known to announce I was going travelling around Asia and NZ because I'd met W...later I sold up in London to move up to Edinburgh because I fancied a change and there were a lot of real ale pubs in Edinburgh. A later mid life crisis had me selling up from Edinburgh to migrate back to Glasgow... then back again... All those have been without plans...

This big change will be different though. Behold. I am planning it!

Early planning stages started last winter, when I decided that enough was enough, and most people in the world didn't have to live through miserable east coast winters. Canadians and Russians and all those fun loving Scandinavians yes. Rest of the world no. And walking the dog in sidelong sleet and rain in the dark for months on end wasn't making me a better person.
It was pissing me off.

By January I had identified a country where there was no sleet.
Even better I could speak to the locals, and claim the right to reside and work.
AND it's got faster broadband than Cheesetown.
What's not to love about New Zealand?

Step one. Register the Cherub as a NZ citizen - his dad was, so he is.

Step two. .. work on all those lovely new NZ contacts I'm meeting through the E.E.R.I.E

Step 3 - I'll keep you all informed now.
I am, frankly, a genius.