The grey dress from Hobbs, is my first choice. But it's a size ten and despite a week long diet of coffee and still doesn't fit. Which is illogical.  Because by the fourth day my jeans were needing a belt to stay up....
How little do you have to eat to get to size ten? How fat was I before?

In my black suit, I'd be mistaken for the funeral director.

My black work dresses are...worn...
This leaves the blue flowery dress or the purple silk.
The purple silk was worn to Wayne's funeral and is, frankly beginning to accumulate too many bad memories.


Reflect it makes bugger all difference.

Reflect the Glaswegians won't be expecting much sartorially from anyone from Edinburgh anyway.

Reflect it would matter like hell to my (Glaswegian) mother.

Sob the hell out of the blue dress.
Which sort of decides things for the purple.....