In the coming weeks, we will be looking at schools. 
Well not you and I obviously.... The Cherub and I will be looking at schools.

Not a sentence I ever thought I'd be typing you know.

As a bit of background I have believed a my life that a fair society works better for everyone. That we're all in this together - and separating priveleged kids  or catholics and Muslims and Gaelic speaking from the rest at the age of five is in no one's interests. For every results league table showing the achievements of the private sector, I'll point out the achievements of the state schools given the raw material they have to work with.
And, hell, it worked for me.

And yet, and yet, and yet the Cherub is not flourishing.
Take any indicator of school progress you like, and the omens are not good. And I'm not just talking about the academic scores. Something needs to be done, and I can't make up this difference myself.

Dorrenfromwork it was who mentioned that the larger private schools in Edinburgh operate subsidised places for (Suitable) Children in Need.  One school in fact was established purely with the aim of helping "puire faitherless bairns".
This school, for her kids go there too, has so many puire faitherless weans that they have a commemoration day each year in the school.  And a school psychologist.  Along with a very tony looking library and science facilities.

A phone call has established that The Cherub is entitled to significant amounts of help in the private sector at this and other schools.

So I'll be visiting schools and talking to headmasters and guidance teachers, and comparing them to the Good Guys we already know in Cheesetown High.

And I'm not saying we're changing schools - but looking is free.

And his father will be rolling in the grave he doesn't have.  To which , all I can say is - Wayne you copped out. You died.  You left me with this.