Over at the Extremely Eminent and Respectable Institute of Edinburgh (EERIE), we are a group of highly educated people, who adhere to the strictest codes of confidentiality and professionalism in all that we do.

Except when it comes to payroll.

Our payroll is run in -house by the twinkly, gregarious, ever fragrant Kurt.

Whoever decided that Kurt was the person to run the in house payroll was obviously having an off day as far as adhering to strictest codes and etc. was concerned. The decision having been made though, presumably he remains posting salaries since the alternative would be to upset him.

They haven't noticed he's already upset.

There's only so long I can ignore the theatrical sighs and shuffling of paper at the next desk
........ what's up?
Oh nothing...just going through this shit about the pay rise....
??? Pay rise???? What pay rise??
Oh just the wee 4 per cent pay rise for managers....
Managers get 4%???
Mmmm hmmmm
We get 1.5 and they get 4%???
Oh unless you're a director - (passing over the spreadsheet) how'd you like that for Christmas??
Great, now we're all upset.