Yeah, I know, I know, I know, it's been WOEFULLY quiet round here. The average blog flicker could imagine that the Cherub and I were currently washed ashore in deepest NZ already.. huddled around a campfire with only a depressed Collie for warmth.. or worse marooned in my mother in law's front room...
As if..

The New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs has been in touch.

They are not impressed with my ten page application and supporting documentation. To be specific:
1. They need to see sight of W's Actual Death Certificate. Not the copy that I haphazardly posted them. Because I naively imagined that it was irrelevant; that the Cherub had dual nationality whether or not his dad was alive or not......That this standard Extract would do since it was issued by the registrar pfft. That word copy on the top of the form seems to have thrown them into a loop..
Well you never know. I might be making all this up - and print the word COPY on the top of all my faked forms, just so I can separate them from real forms later.

2.The Cherub's witness, a teacher at school, did not sign and date BOTH photos of him.
Since both photos are identical, she probably thought one signature would suffice. Fool that she is.

3.The Privacy Act Section 6 was not dated.
Sigh.... I'm blogging this! HA! Take that with your Privacy NZ!

Sensible Self. Macy. Three words. East. Coast. and Winters. Now focus and re-gather the forms.