I am a fantastic prevaricator. The STUFF I mean to do but don't get round to is nobody's business; God knows I'm brilliant at starting lists of things to do then LOSING them. If you ever want a hundred reasons NOT to do anything.. I'm your girl.
Or I was.
This week I have not only found a lawyer, but actually made an appointment, and gone there.

In the same week.

Yes. I'm updating my will.
W featured in my last one. Since he isn't likely to collect now, and the Cherub is down to one parent I thought there was no point putting this off any longer.
I thought it would be easy.

And the standard stuff is easy. Who gets what. Well who do you think??? Which charities benefit if both the Cherub and I are wiped out in the same cataclysmic event. It's a no brainer - Enjoy Teenage Cancer Trust!!
Then it got much tougher. My lawyer moved on to checking how the Cherub will be provided for, who will be his guardian, his trustees.. It was when we got to the details of whether he could stay in his own home that my new lawyer had to go into the next room for her box of tissues.
So that's what I was doing last week; howling my way through a family box of Kleenex.

And cursing W

Yeah - thanks for leaving me with this one W! Stroll on out and leave me to sort this mess out why don't you!